Why Should I Work With SimplyInsured As My Health Insurance Broker?

Benefits of using SimplyInsured as your health insurance broker

So you’ve decided to use a health insurance broker to help you find a great plan for your small business. Why choose SimplyInsured as your trusted partner?

While we’re obviously biased, here are some reasons why companies choose us:

  • Instant online quotes. On our platform, there’s no back and forth with a human before you get an accurate quote. Just answer a few questions and we’ll show you real quotes from all the plans available in your area from the vast majority of carriers.  Quotes take seconds to get, not days.
  • Electronic application. It’s 2017 – the world has moved online, and so have we. If you’re sick of filling out paper forms and mailing or faxing them in, you’ll love working with us.  All application materials – the company application, employee application, document survey – are all available in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step wizard on our website.
  • Trustworthy, knowledgeable agents. Our licensed brokers are top-notch. They’ll listen to your needs and use their experience to provide you the best matching plans. We have helped thousands of small businesses get health insurance quickly, and know the ins and outs of the system. We know which carriers to trust in which markets, and will ensure you find excellent coverage no matter your budget.
  • One-click payroll integration and employee adds/terminations. Need to integrate your payroll system to set up automatic deductions? With SimplyInsured, this takes seconds. Have a lot of employees being added and removed from your plans? Again, you can do this from your online dashboard with the click of a single button.

You’re a fast-paced, sophisticated small business that wants to operate in the 21st century. If you need health insurance quickly and don’t want to get bogged down in the administrative details, SimplyInsured is your best bet!

Here’s a summary of the differences between us and traditional health insurance brokers:

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