Find the best deal by easily comparing top insurance providers.

See every health insurance plan available in your area - we have access to every single health insurance policy from every carrier. We guarantee you will get the best prices and the best coverage using our proprietary recommendation algorithm.

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Want to see all of the plans available? Get an instant quote.

We guarantee the lowest cost health insurance plans.

Easily Compare policies

See all the top policies with side-by-side rankings on price, quality, and more in plain english.

instant quotes

We search every available plan in your area for the lowest cost and best value health insurance.

No Commission salesforce

Our sales team is here to help - their entire job is to get you the best and lowest cost health insurance.

Experience amazing health insurance for you and your employees with SimplyInsured.

Never worry about your health benefits again - SimplyInsured provides a full platform for you and your employees. Never wait on hold with the insurance company again - and no more paperwork! We handle everything through our 100% online dashboard.

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100% Online Administration

Add or remove an employee with just one click. We handle all the paperwork - offer letters, payroll, benefits, deductions - all through one simple online process. No more paper, forms, or hassle.

Self-Serve Dashboard for Employees

Employees can manage their payroll, change their address, add or remove dependents, even enroll or waive coverage - all without having to call you to answer their questions.

24/7 Support

Never wait on hold again - our 24/7 support team will fight claims, find doctors, resolve billing issues, and help fill prescriptions.

mobile id cards

Never worry about having your ID card again our mobile ID cards are accessible via your phone.

HR Compliance

We handle Section 125 and other state and federal regulations. We also file any I9s, W4s, W9s

claim assistance

If you've gotten an incorrect bill or haven't been reimbursed, we'll be your advocate and fight to get it sorted out.

tax integration

We handle your state and local taxes, as well as file your 1099s.


Get reports on your payroll, employees, PTO, and other metrics.

one click renewal

No filling out forms, chasing down employees, or having them fill out forms again.


Adminster your health savings accounts through our portal for you and your employees


All your invoices and bills available online - we even audit them to make sure there are no errors.

“SimplyInsured very literally saved my life.”

I was just released from the ER with a blood clot. The only reason they found it is because you guys advocated to make sure that my ultrasound was covered. You all very literally saved my life and there is nothing I can possibly say that will express my gratitude.

Paula Lamanna LMSW

All the issues I have encountered have been handled swiftly and with professionalism. I really appreciate the support service offered to all my employees. Having a professional staff to answer higher level problems is great for a growing company like mine.

Andrew, Express Dry Cleaning
Phoenix, AZ

SimplyInsured takes the pain out of the process. After having spent more than an hour trying to resolve a situation with my insurance provider, I called SimplyInsured. Five minutes and a few questions later, the issue was off my plate.

Logan, Fare Travel Agency
Denver, CO

It was a very simple process but more importantly, I received amazing customer support. You guys have been incredible with your prompt and personalized responses to match our business needs.

Nik, R&M Construction Company
Chicago, IL

Dramatically better support trusted by thousands of small businesses.

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