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Simple Small Business Health Insurance

Supported National Carriers


See hundreds of small business plans at once

We offer thousands of health insurance plans across the country from all major carriers. Choose from the best medical, dental, and vision plans available in your area. SimplyInsured provides unbiased recommendations to help find the best fit for your business. Our services, recommendations, and online platform are 100% free.

Free Instant Quote

With SimplyInsured, there is no waiting to hear back from your broker. We give you every plan instantly, customizable for your exact situation.

10 Minutes, 100% Online

Our application can be completed quickly and entirely online. During this process employees complete their own individual, online applications.

Fully Automated Payroll Deductions

We offer one click integrations with most major payroll platforms. We automatically manage employee deductions, company contributions, and ensure any changes are properly handled.

Our mission is to eliminate fear in health insurance.

Our dedicated, full-time customer support team works for you, not the insurance carriers. We take care of everything from answering insurance questions to resolving insurance issues on behalf of you and your employees.

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Compare the benefits of SimplyInsured vs. Traditional Brokers

SimplyInsured Traditional Brokers
Plan Premiums
Price set by law
Price set by law
No Fees
No Fees
Payroll Integration
Fully integrated deductions with Intuit QuickBooks, Square Payroll, and more. Easy setup for ADP, Paychex, and other payroll systems
Some help calculating deductions by yourself
1-click renewals, online open enrollment with no headaches
Fill out, sign, and fax new forms and paperwork every year
Team of licensed insurance agents and experts to answer all of your questions and assist with claims
Limited support, you contact insurance carriers directly for help
Hundreds of plans, many carriers
Small number of plans, limited carrier relationships
Employee Onboarding
Onboarding completed in minutes, entirely online, with new hire benefits all in one place
Manually onboard with paper forms and wait weeks for processing and confirmation
  • Smiling man in glasses and pink shirt
    "SimplyInsured made buying insurance a very simple process but more importantly, I received amazing customer support. Where insurance carriers were slow, SimplyInsured was prompt and personal in their  responses." 
    Nik, R&M Construction Company
  • Smiling young man with dark hair
    "All the issues I have encountered have been handled swiftly and with professionalism. I really appreciate the support service offered to all my employees. Having a professional staff to answer higher level problems is great for a growing company like mine."
    Andrew, Express Dry Cleaning
  • Smiling woman in business suit
    "I was just released from the ER with a blood clot. The only reason they found it is because you guys advocated to make sure that my ultrasound was covered. You all very literally saved my life and there is nothing I can possibly say that will express my gratitude."
    Sam, Customer for over 2 years

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