SimplyInsured Gets Some LUV From Southwest Airlines

This month SimplyInsured is taking health insurance to the skies, with a feature in Southwest Airline’s Spirit Magazine. If you’re flying Southwest this month, check us out! (If you don’t have a flight coming up, you can also read the article online.)

In honor of this occasion, we present 4 ways getting health insurance on SimplyInsured is like flying Southwest Airlines.

4 Ways SimplyInsured Makes Health Insurance More Like Flying Southwest Airlines

SimplyInsured's Health Insurance Service Featured in Southwest Airlines Magazine

  1. Instant Online Price Comparisons
    When getting a plane ticket, you want to know what’s the cheapest and quickest place to get from Point A to Point B. Buying health insurance should be just as easy – you should know exactly what coverage you’re getting for your money, instantly and online. (Want to get an instant quote? Start here!)
  2. No Surprises
    Southwest Airlines doesn’t have hidden fees – you know exactly how much your trip costs. Healthcare should be the same – you should know the out-of-pocket costs for seeing the doctor, not figuring out some complex formula of deductibles, copays, and co-insurance.
  3. Excellent Customer Service
    Southwest doesn’t stop serving you after they have your business. They give you mobile boarding passes, timely updates on flight changes, and access to helpful agents. Your health advisor should do the same, but most brokers disappear after you buy your insurance. SimplyInsured is dedicated to providing you with helpful online tools and 24/7 access to our experienced health insurance experts.
  4. Free Snacks!
    We don’t have beverage carts and honey roasted peanuts, but we will send your team a box of healthy snacks when you sign up!

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