Aetna - Illinois Health Insurance Plans for Businesses

Insurance Carrier Overview

Aetna is a national carrier offering medical, dental, and vision coverage. Aetna offers two main types of networks; (1) statewide PPO and HMO networks and (2) two regional networks called Savings Plus and Aetna Whole Health. Companies can mix and match up to 5 different plans to offer employees.

Aetna's full PPO and HMO networks are very broad and includes a large number of hospitals and doctors, but also tend to be among the more expensive options in the market.

Network Overview

Network Type # of Illinois Doctors # of Illinois Hospitals Cost Savings vs. Full Network
Open Choice PPO Full PPO 59,000 213 -
Savings Plus of Chicago Narrow PPO 22,000 119 9%
Aetna HMO Full HMO 32,000 183 17%
Savings Plus of Chicago Narrow HMO 18,000 85 22%
Aetna Whole Health Narrow HMO 12,500 24 28%

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