California Health Plans for Employers

Find group health insurance in California

SimplyInsured makes comparing California health plans easy. In the sections below, we have highlighted the top health plans for different California small business health insurance needs. SimplyInsured has recommendations if your group has: Young and Healthy Employees, Diverse Medical Needs, Employees with Families, Chronic Conditions, Expected Surgeries or Pregnancies, Prescription Drug Requirements.

Apply online for California health insurance or call our non-commissioned California licensed agents anytime for assistance. For small businesses that would like HSA eligible, high deductible health plans, we list them below, as well as the most popular health plans in California.

Top Medical Plans

  1. Anthem Gold PPO 30/500/20% by Anthem Blue Cross
  2. Anthem Gold Select PPO 20/30% by Anthem Blue Cross
  3. Anthem Silver Select PPO 50/2000/40% by Anthem Blue Cross
  4. Core Direct AUTE w/405 by UnitedHealthcare
  5. INS BHBO w/854 by UnitedHealthcare