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About Us

We make buying health insurance simple.

SimplyInsured is simple, no-hassle health insurance for small businesses. Our streamlined health insurance manager is 100% online, explained in plain English, and will save you money on your health insurance.

We want to save you money - companies save on average $500-$1000 per year (per employee!). All the forms and paperwork are handled automatically and paperlessly. We analyze thousands of insurance policies to find the best coverage, price, and value for your personalized situation.

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Our Team

Vivek Shah, Co-founder and CEO

Previously, Vivek was a healthcare analyst at McKinsey & Company, where he worked with insurance companies to make healthcare more efficient.
Vivek graduated with degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Management Science from MIT.
Ryan Patterson, Software Engineer

Previously, Ryan was a software engineer at Facebook and worked on Bootcamp and extensively in PHP and Javascript.
Ryan studied Computer Science at University of Central Florida.
Craig Brott, Software Engineer

Craig is a serial entrepreneur - founder and lead developer of Shuffle and Bourbon & Leather.
Craig received a B.S. in Computer Science from DePaul University.
David Bai, Software Engineer

David is a rock-star engineer who taught himself to code because his last job was inefficient. He loves developing great products and running triathalons.
David studied Integrative Biology at U.C. Berkeley.
Gina San Pietro, Client Success

Gina worked in Client Success and Operations for Instacart, Google, and PagerDuty.
Gina went to Florida Atlantic University where she received Bachelors and Masters degrees.
Heather Crouch, Client Success

Heather worked as an office manager and operations associate at Twice.
Heather studied writing at Pratt Institute in New York.
Bob Aspell, Co-founder

Previously, Bob was a Senior Associate at Sverica International and also Bain & Co., helping companies grow revenues and profits.
Bob graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from MIT.
Alex Hsu, Client Success

Alex was Director of Business Development at Cardpool and previously a senior consultant at Monitor.
Alex graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT.
Hirsh Jain, Client Success

Hirsh Jain was an Associate at McKinsey & Company, advising executives on strategy and operations.
Hirsh graduated with J.D. from Harvard Law School, and went to undergraduate studies at U.C. Berkeley.
Xiao Sun, Client Success

Xiao was an Associate at Sverica International and a consultant at McKinsey & Company, advising executives on strategy and operations.
Xiao graduated with a degree in Business Administration from The Ohio State University (go Buckeyes!).
Brad Yankiver, Client Success

Brad was a Vice President at Goldman Sachs in New York, where he led product development for Derivatives Clearing Services.
Brad graduated with degrees in Public Policy & Management and International Relations from Carnegie Mellon University.
Sepand Tehrani, Client Success

Sepand was a Senior Account Executive at Locbox and Checkmate, where he sold enterprise software and marketing platforms.
Sepand graduated with a J.D. from Golden Gate University, and a Bachelors degree from McGill University.